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That hot water dispenser


Alumina heaters are used for portable water heating such as the heating of sake.Due to their small size,  high power, and high insulation, the direct heating of the water becomes possible. With a built-in sensor, it can be used for compact portable water heating.




Resistance tolerance







Threaded Through Tube Ceramic Heater





Semi-closed Heating Tube





Tube Ceramic Heater

The measured water can be heated to 98~100 immediately. The experimental data in the figure above shows that the outlet water temperature is 99.6

Thick film heater

Thick film heater and water temperature curve

The temperature of the thick film heater can heat up to 94 , and the heating rate is relatively slow, with the heating time exceeding 10s

Metal precipitation

Metal precipitation hazard

Metal precipitationTube Ceramic heater: The main component is alumina. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, long life, high efficiency and energy saving, uniform temperature, good thermal conductivity and fast thermal compensation. It does not contain Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr6+, PBB or PBDE , in line with EU RoHS and other environmental requirements.

Metal ion precipitation test

Tested:thick film heating module does have ion precipitation when water heating, the possibility of heavy gold ion precipitation will be very large, long-term drinking is likely to cause harm to the human body; and ceramic heating tube will be much cleaner in this respect, There are basically no other ions that harm the human body.

Water heating efficiencyThe thick film heater and tube ceramic heater were replaced respectively for efficiency conversion test. Under different heating temperatures, the efficiency of tube ceramic heater was 1%~5% higher than that of thick film heater.

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